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Oliver O’Donohoe


Oliver is a BACP-registered integrative counsellor with a private practice in the City and in Brockley, South East London. He has experience working across ethnic, cultural and class backgrounds and with multiple gender and sexual identities, religious beliefs, learning and physical needs and abilities.

Approaches offered

Integrative, Body-Relational


Diploma Integrative Counselling, Foundation Certificate Integrative Counselling




£75 - £95 per session

My approach

Is therapy right for you, right now? Perhaps you don’t know and that’s okay. Maybe you’re feeling anxious or depressed and just need someone to listen.

Can you imagine telling someone who looks like me, where you are with life and what that’s like for you? Qualities I bring into the room include curiosity, kindness, humour and respect.

What will it be like? I practise integrative psychotherapy, which means that I apply different theoretical models to the way I think and work. This includes how we can safely guide the sometimes conflicting parts of your inner-world into an integrated harmonious whole. 

My qualifications and experience


  • BACP Accredited Diploma Integrative Counselling

  • 6 years Clinical Experience

  • Further Training Advanced Dip/MA Integrative Psychotherapy

  • 7 years Addiction Recovery Support

  • Foundation Certificate Integrative Counselling

  • 10 years Boys & Young Men Practitioner

  • Sexual Health Practitioner

  • Professional’s Workshop Facilitator

  • Full member of The Diamond Approach (DHUK)

My philosophy

Healing can sometimes feel a bit upside-down, especially when questioning whether we are even worthy of the change we seek. Many difficulties stem not from negative feelings themselves, but rather our resistance to allowing or accepting the very fact we have them at all. For example, you might feel that to be angry is ‘bad’; to be sad is ‘weak’. This way of being probably acted as a protector during difficult times in early life. Reconnecting with these disowned parts of yourself can feel scary at first, yet will become a key component of growth in your therapeutic journey. Whomever, whatever, my clients may think they ‘am-not’, is often a clue to their becoming whole again.

While acknowledging the value of work and qualifications, I believe, where appropriate, in the reparative power of drawing upon my own personal recovery experience to help inform my therapeutic approach.

How I can help

  • Male identity and men’s issues

  • Marriage issues

  • Menopause and life changes issues

  • Mood swings

  • Obsessions and intrusive thoughts

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Panic Disorder

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