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Philip Rose


Philip is a UKCP and BACP registered existential psychotherapist. With a private practice in London and on the south coast, he works in partnership with his clients to explore their lives and address the challenges that impact their well-being. Having gained invaluable experience in diverse clinical settings, he now provides short- and long-term psychotherapy to adults of all ages.

Approaches offered

Existential psychotherapy
Integrative psychotherapy


MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling
Postgraduate Certificate in Existential Psychotherapy






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My approach

I specialise in a therapeutic approach known as existential psychotherapy. Informed by writers and philosophers who’ve studied what it means to be human, it helps people to create meaning in their lives and understand their place in the world. It views emotional and psychological challenges as inner conflicts that arise when people confront the complex realities of our shared humanity. Without imposing beliefs or values, existential psychotherapists adopt an open, receptive attitude of inquiry and wonderment, collaborating with their clients as they confront their struggles and concerns. Rather than delving into the past, existential psychotherapists tend to focus on the present moment to examine the complexities of the human condition and what it means to their clients.

In today's fast-paced world, people encounter many challenges and complex pressures that can affect their life satisfaction and health. As a psychotherapist, I provide a confidential space for clients to reflect on themselves and their situation and to explore the obstacles affecting their well-being. My approach to therapy is collaborative, non-judgmental, and grounded in an attitude of curiosity and wonder. Building relationships with clients based on trust and honesty, I am committed to supporting their emotional and personal growth, empowering them to uncover their unique perspectives and strengths.

My qualifications and experience


I have an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling and a Postgraduate Certificate in Existential Psychotherapy from Regent’s University London. In addition, I have completed training courses ranging from the psychodynamics of personal relationships through the Albany Trust to broader counselling skills training provided by City Lit.

I have worked with clients in various clinical settings, ranging from specialist community mental health and bereavement services and sexual health education to providing face-to-face support for people who feel that life is not worth living. I now work as a psychotherapist in private practice, seeing clients in person in London and on the south coast or remotely online and by telephone.

My philosophy

My passion for managing teams, clients and business stakeholders in the commercial sector was a driving force in my early career. Throughout that time, I worked with an existential psychotherapist who helped me make sense of the personal and professional challenges that shaped my life experiences. Engaging in existential psychotherapy prompted me to explore and even challenge my understanding of what it means to be human. Becoming the person I aspired to be was daunting, especially when facing life's harsh realities.


Nevertheless, acknowledging these fundamental aspects of my existence triggered a creative spark, providing me with a more profound sense of purpose and meaning. Existential psychotherapy guided the choices I made when I started the process of training as a psychotherapist. And now, it continues to inform and influence my worldview and philosophy for living. 

How I can help

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